Please Note that due to an upcoming move PedalworX  
 will not be available until after January 1st 2018





Vintage gear repair and refurbishing services available



Contact: info at PedalworX dot com





How Unique are your Boutique effects ?

When you look inside do they look hand made?

Guitar fx and amps  

 (all parts are not created equally and therefore dont sound the same to the trained ear

any more than a tube amp doesn't sound like a transistor amp)

While terrible products and customer service has become the norm  

PedalworX will not be bowing down to the mediocrity because quality always costs and that goes for everything.


At PedalworX we cater to Rock Stars of all ages so don't be a stranger!











All  PedalworX FX are hand built one at a time  by Guitarists for Guitarists here in the U.S.A.  ! 














Texas Two Step, McFuzz, Tejas, Sky, McBoost,  Cool Machine, Hellbilly, Cactus Crunch, Octa-Bootie       
and McSqueeze are all trademarks of PedalWorX other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
All custom work requires a $50 non-refundable deposit in order for work to begin.  Ballance due upon completion and just prior to shipping. In the event you do not like the pedal you can get a  refund less shipping and deposit
A special thanks goes out to Erik Saulitis for the great pedal pix! 


Another big thank you to Dustin for the great video clips of the Cool Machine Wah.